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Ultra Bright RGB LED Video Light

Const Ultra Bright RGB LED Video Light with a wide beam spread that makes it a great choice for all-around use. The panel has an expansive color temperature range of 2000 to 10000K to meet ambient light challenges, match other fixtures, or just for creative expression. The RGB series’s high CRI of 96 indicates accuracy in the rendering of color.

The light is also dimmable and has an RGB, RGBW, and Tungsten modes that gives the user access to myriad custom colors. Const RGB series also has nine lighting effects including Candle, Cop Car, Fire, Fireworks, KTV, Lightning, SOS, Strobe and TV. While you can adjust color and light intensity locally on the fixture, you can also do it remotely from a console via DMX. Const RGB series has three designs, 300W, 400W, 500W. They can runs on 100 to 240 VAC mains power via the included adapter but it will also run on batteries when mains power is unavailable, thanks to its V-mount battery plate.

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