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SL-R100 & R200 & R300 (100W&200W&350W LED Fresnel Light)

The Fresnel SL-R100&200&300 series(single color) and SL-R100&200&300T series(Bi color) LED Light from Const are packed with the latest LED technology backed with solid construction, intuitive design and a wide 15-60 degree range of beam adjustment. Instead of using filters, the Fresnel SL-R100&200&300T series(Bi color) can vary the color balance from 3200-5600K or anywhere in between with the turn of a knob. Dimming from 10-100% is equally straightforward and both adjustments can be done locally on the unit or remotely via DMX. Also, for direct control, users will have access to an LCD screen and control knobs to adjust settings, including dimming from 0-100%. The fixture's wide 20-60 spot to flood range allows impre

ssive control of the field of light which can be further controlled with the included barndoors. For sound-sensitive situations, the Fresnel R100&R200 are designed with a completely silent passive heat sink cooling system, while R300 is designed with a silent cooling fan and heat sink cooling system.

The Fresnel R100 outputs the equivalent of a 1000W tungsten halogen Fresnel(R200 outputs the equivalent of a 2000W tungsten halogen Fresnel, and R300 outputs the equivalent of a 3000W tungsten halogen Fresnel) while running cool to the touch and consuming a fraction of the power, resulting in lower HVAC running costs in the studio and a quick return on your investment. The light ships with a 100-240 VAC power adapter for worldwide use and, with an optional adapter, it also runs on 24 VDC in locations where mains power is unavailable. The Fresnel SL-R100&200&300 comes with a 5/8" receiver for hanging or stand mounting.


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